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  • Welcome!

    Hello, my name is Elizabeth Jackson and my mission is to help budding Spanish entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations to flourish through spreading their messages to English-speaking countries, pushing forward their frontiers and allowing them to reach wider audiences.


    My job is to produce words, but by hiring me you can improve your communications and enhance your company’s image.


    Poor translations, ones that simply don’t sound right, create mental noise and confusion for the reader and lead to a disjointed reading experience.

    By turning off this interference your message will reach your readers’ hearts and minds. My translations read as naturally as if they were written directly into English meaning they are much more likely to resonate with the reader.

    What Others Are Saying

    It is my pleasure to provide this reference on behalf of Ms. Elizabeth Jackson. The scope of her work includes translating technical articles from English into Spanish and vice versa, editing materials and administering large translation projects. Ms. Elizabeth Jackson is a very hard-working, qualified and motivated professional. The accuracy of her translations and the ability to work under deadline pressure deserve a special mentioning.

    👨 Alberto Muñoz, Spain


    I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Elisabeth for writing a scientific paper related to the industrial design field. It has been a very satisfactory experience, the correction and revision of the text has been efficient and effective, carried out in the agreed time. Excellent work.

    👩 Ion Iriarte Azpiazu, Spain

  • Why hire a freelance translator rather than an agency?

    If you have a small or very urgent project and are sure you won’t need more translations in the future, you may opt to contract the services of a translation agency. They will find a good translator and you can save time searching for one.


    It is also a good idea to contact a translation agency when you need translations into many different languages. Agencies already work with a variety of freelance translators for different language pairs and have the resources to coordinate such projects.


    However, if you are going to need English translation services on a long-term basis, working directly with a freelance translator is the perfect solution for many reasons:

    1. You know exactly who is working on your texts.
    2. You know that this same person will work on your material in the future, ensuring consistency in terminology and style.
    3. If the text is highly confidential, you are assured that only one person will handle it and you can sign a confidentiality agreement directly with the freelancer.​
  • Credentials

    CIOL-Certified Spanish > English Translator and Proofreader 

    Jan 2007 – Present

    Helping to convey messages as if they had been directly written or spoken in English by my customers and not translated. This requires the sensitivity to understand and to transfer individual styles and to respect preferences for expression, while abiding by cultural differences.

    San Jorge University

    Associate Lecturer in Translation

    Sept 2009 – August 2012

    Involved designing the course content in line with EU descriptors and continually improving it for the three years I taught this course. My teaching style is supportive and encouraging. I believe each student must be treated as an individual and encouraged to analyse his or her personal challenges and to design strategies to overcome them with a positive attitude.